Docker: failed to add the pair interfaces (operation not supported)

After installing Docker, I am getting an error when I try to run the Hello World example:

Error response from daemon: Cannot start container 4145d0fccd96b904e4ab4413735f1129b8765429bad5be71dc8d5f4c0760666d:
failed to create endpoint high_saha on network bridge:
failed to add the host (veth7f6f907) <=> sandbox (veth788d9dc) pair interfaces: operation not supported

(I have just upgraded my Debian server from Wheezy to Jessie)

Does anyone has an idea why I get this error? Did I missed something during the upgrade?

Thanks for your help.

In my case, the error appears every time I update my Linux kernel. It disappears when I restart the computer.

I am using Arch Linux

You've booted your system with OVH's custom kernel, which is built to OVH's specifications, and may not be suitable for running software you want to run.

Change your dedicated server configuration to boot from the kernel installed on the hard drive provided by your Linux distribution.

OVH boot configuration screen

I had this same problem (pair interfaces: operation not supported) and I use a custom kernel. For me the cause was a missing module "Virtual ethernet pair device" CONFIG_VETH.

│ │ This device is a local ethernet tunnel. Devices are created in pairs. When one end receives the packet it appears on its pair and vice versa. │ Symbol: VETH [=m]
│ │ Type : tristate
│ │ Prompt: Virtual ethernet pair device
│ │ Location:
│ │ -> Device Drivers
│ │ -> Network device support (NETDEVICES [=y])
│ │ -> Network core driver support (NET_CORE [=y])

hope it helps

What kernel are you running?