Docker for Windows to host IIS Server - what is the path?

Looking for the path to package an app in IIS in a docker container.

The docs/examples we have seen so far show how to package a windows application (and by extension, windows service) in a docker container:

From that, we can see how to package an apache server along with our app in a docker container.

But what we do not see are docs / vision to embed IIS instance (with our app installed in it) in a docker container.

Where to find such docs/examples?

(We have an app on IIS 8.5 / .NET 4.51)

It looks like this is what you are after:

Sample to create a Windows Server Container Image with IIS 10.0 enabled

These samples were created for Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 3 with Containers. They assume that the WindowsServerCore Container base image is present.

The sample Bryan posted is a great resource (that's the Hyper-V GitHub account so we do track issues and requests there).

In addition, we used IIS as the default workload for our Windows Server Container and Hyper-V Container quickstart guides. Here are step by step instructions for Server TP4:

Well, that’s very generous of you; if you could just expand a little on “I see how to package a windows service in a docker container” - where did you see that; was it referring to the technical preview or some other version of Windows?

You are referring to the “technical preview” of Windows Server 2016?

Thanks. The link relates to running Linux-based containers, albeit from a Windows client. I recommend for an update and ScottGu's Blog - Announcing Windows Server 2016 Containers Preview for more recent info on Windows Server containers.

@Bryan I am asking “how to do Z?” The answer might be: “Use Windows version X, and follow doc Y” (or whatever). I am just asking the question… you tell me the answer!

@Bryan Sorry, You are right. I should have had a bit more background on there. OP enhanced.