Docker image of Windows XP software

Hi I hope I can find an answer if this is possible to do with Docker.

There are softwares I have that no longer run on moder Windows OS. For example, Macromedia Flash 5 that I used to run on Windows XP x86.

Is that possible to create an image for Micromedia Flash 5 to run on Windows 10 using Docker?

If the answer is yes, what would be directions for me to accomplish that?


I'm not very familiar with running Dockerized Windows applications. But the concept of Docker is that it shares the Kernel of the host OS. So most likely, your Windows XP / 7 applications that don't work on Windows 10 won't work in Docker either. Besides, from what I can tell, it's not particularly for running graphical interface programs but more for things like IIS or other server services that are headless.

This kind of scenario is best handled, in my opinion, with virtual machines. You can have a Windows XP virtual machine kicking around to run those older applications.

why the downvote?

I would guess - they didn’t consider this question on-topic for ServerFault as they see this as being a end user question. And it probably is really more suited for another channel.